Providing your patients with engaging, useful patient information is a real value add for your practice. It is a unique opportunity to connect on a practical and emotional level with your patients and improve compliance to your proposed treatment regimens.

For more than a decade, Medinformer have been developing content and installing brochure display units in Pharmacies, Doctors Waiting rooms and Independent Hospitals throughout South Africa. Advances in technology have allowed us to radically transform the way patient information can be shared and consumed by patients eager to understand more and better manage their own healthcare.

Medinformer have developed a wonderful new application which will allow you to send personalised, well written, medically referenced patient information directly to your patients via SMS or Email with just a few mouse clicks.

Intermedix has partnered with, Medinformer and this new application is embedded in the MEDEDI practice management system, which will allow you easy access to relevant and reliable medical content.

The doctor and the practice management staff are now able to share trustworthy digital health information about the medical condition through a secure and reliable communication channel directly from the doctor’s system to the patient, hereby enhancing the patients' health journey.

If you are interested to learn more or have any queries regarding Medinformer please contact us on info@intermedix.co.za

Article submitted by: Craig Killeen, Founder and Director Medinformer



Medicine Formularies

Medical scheme medicine formularies have been digitised to allow you to identify scheme approved medication with a click of a button while you prescribe. No more manual searches through a mountain of printed medicine lists trying to find medical scheme approved medication for your patients.

A new feature now available on the iCanScript e-Scripting platform, is the digital formularies which displays the selected medicine per acute/chronic condition and whether it is covered by the medical scheme or whether the medication will be approved under the chronic benefit.

Approved medicines are grouped together based on their respective active ingredient of the medicine being prescribed/dispensed.

This feature will enable doctors to select medicines for their patients that are both effective and require no or minimal additional cash payments.

If you would like to know more about how you too can access digital medicine formularies contact us on info@intermedix.co.za