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iCanScript Amber for Doctors

iCanScript™ for Doctors

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Intermedix SA has launched South Africa’s first e-scripting web application to enable doctors to prescribe medication for their existing patients remotely during COVID-19.

During the lockdown chronic patients still need to receive their ongoing chronic repeat prescriptions, but without risking infection by leaving home. The iCanScript™ web application empowers you to send prescriptions directly to a courier pharmacy which will deliver chronic medications directly to your patient’s home.

The iCanScript™ web application complies with the highest security and data-encryption protocols to allow you a safe and convenient way to prescribe medicine at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. As an HPCSA Doctor, you will also be issued with your own private and secure advanced electronic signature as was approved by the Minister of Health and regulated in the Government Gazette.

  • Create the script: following diagnosis you create a script digitally and sign it using your personal AES.
  • Select a pharmacy: the patient selects an e-script-enabled pharmacy for the script to be routed to.
  • Collect: the prescription is prepared and ready for collection when the customer visits the pharmacy.
  • Notification: the doctor receives an electronic notification once medicine has been dispensed.

Send Repeat Scripts in Minutes

Generate and send a digital repeat script with iCanScript in 4 easy steps:

  • The patient requests a repeat script
  • You locate the patients' profile on your system
  • In the patient’s medicine history select the script that needs to be repeated from the list of previous digital prescriptions generated
  • Click on repeat script and send the electronic script to the patients' selected pharmacy (you can send the script to the same pharmacy where the patient originally collected or select an alternative)


iCanScript™ uses an accredited, highly secure user authentication (AES*) which ensures trust and legal status in electronic transactions. *The South African Post Office (SAPO) Trust Centre’s Class 4 AES is used who has been accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority in terms of Section 37 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act 25 of 2002.

At first, I was reluctant, but the benefits convinced us. The connection between the doctor and the pharmacy and knowing that my script is going straight to the pharmacy is great. Instead of sitting in the evenings catching up on admin, emailing and answering requests for repeat scripts, I can do it there and then during a consultation.

Dr Eloise Malan
General Practitioner, Muizenberg Medical Square, Muizenberg


e-Scripting web application enables doctors to prescribe medication to their patients.

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e-Scripting web application enables doctors to prescribe medication to their patients.